Top 5 Reasons to Use Promotional Products

Are you curious whether promotional products are right for you? Wondering why you should invest in these items? This guide will help you understand what these products are and how they can help you.

What Are Promotional Products?

Have you ever been to a store and picked up a pen with the store’s name on it? Or played in a golf tournament with the sponsor’s logo on the balls? Or visited a conference with imprinted bags? All of these are promotional products. In short, they are tangible items custom-imprinted with your brand.
But why should you bother? Here are the top 5 reasons to invest in promo items.

1. Raise Awareness

The simplest reason is, of course, to get your name, brand, or cause out there. People won’t come knocking if they don’t know you exist. Whether you are a corporation selling a brand or a non-profit working toward a cause, you have to put your message in front of people. One way to do that is with a promo product.

2. Influence Opinion

Giveaways are an excellent way to shift opinions of your brand. Recipients tend to change their views if they receive something useful to them. This is supported by a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, which found that the five most influential products are writing instruments, drinkware, outerwear, performance wear, and USB drives. What all these have in common is high functionality. In other words, they are readily usable by the recipient. Choosing an item recipients are likely to actually use tends to favorably influence their opinions.

3. Get Seen Again and Again

Due to their functionality, these products get seen over and over. Every time the recipient picks up your custom pen or puts on your custom t-shirt, your brand is seen. The more exposures a person has to your name or cause, the more it sinks in. Memory research shows a person typically requires numerous exposures to retain new information in long term memory. A new vocabulary word, for example, needs to be seen around 17 times on average before it is learned. Your brand is similar. Consequently, products that provide multiple exposures make sense. A custom coffee mug with your logo does its job every morning.

4. Reach Your Specific Audience

You can make your recipients feel like you are speaking to them directly by choosing the item that fits their needs exactly. Are your clients golfers? Then get tee packs or imprinted balls. Will your conference participants have a lot to carry around? Then an imprinted bag may be best. With such a vast variety of different products available, you can tailor your order to the specific needs of your audience. We like to say if you can put a logo on it, we can do it. The sky’s the limit when it comes to promotions.

5. Market the Cost-effective Way

Despite the variety and quality available, products like these are surprisingly affordable. High quantity brings down the price dramatically. So, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford expensive ads, this is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. You can work with our sales agents to find the item that fits your needs without breaking the bank.

Order Today

In the end, should you use promo products? Here are five good reasons to say yes: you can raise awareness, influence opinion, get seen again and again, reach your specific audience, and market the cost-effective way. Check out our promotional products website to get started, or talk to our sales agents today at 763-537-3422.